SLuminaires LED fixtures, our advanced series of lighting solutions, minimize the dark spots & shadows while optimizing the lighting intensity & efficiency. Component from reputable brands are implemented as part of the SLuminaires lighting fixtures with 5 years warranty. With SLuminaires, the industry leader can build safer and highly productive work environment.   HL Platinum LED luminaires deliver better uniformity, 30-65% greater efficiency and longer life span to substantially reduce maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting. HLP LEDs that undergone LM-80 test promises low depreciation of lumen and satisfy the lighting need of the environment. Its quality is guaranteed with 2 years product warranty.   JDC LED luminaires are affordable alternative with high reputation in local market as the strict production process reassures the high quality of the product. Whether it be general lighting, spot lighting, accent lighting or task lighting, JDC lighting solutions offer the versatility required to meet different needs



Each of our product can be customized according customer's specification to meet your satisfaction.

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